Do not believe the opinion polls! — 7 Comments

  1. We might as well call it for In, as you Brexiters have clearly thrown in the towel and are now preparing the ground for “it’s not fair” and demanding another go! All this desperate hate at immigrants and trying to blame them for house price rises – you should learn some basic economics first.
    I would give it 10 minutes after an In result is announced before Farage starts to demand another vote and Boris puts the result down to Hitler, while Eddy Hitler starts claiming postal votes were fiddled.

    Simple question: Will UKIP accept an In vote and shut up about referenda? Bet you cannot answer that with a straight “Yes”.

  2. There is no way that the powers that be within the EU want the UK to leave there is just to much money involved that is paid to the EU each week.

    All the scaremongering etc etc etc the referendum will be fixed END OF

  3. UKIP will have no-one to blame then, will they? I suppose all the E Europeans they expel will be sent back by train.

  4. Gerard, what happened to Guy Verhofstadt’s Brexit debate in the UK? Has he backed out?

  5. The opinion polls are being rigged, and so will the electronic vote counting on 23/6/16. Electronic vote rigging is easy, and well documented in the USA, see the “Hacking Democracy” documentary etc.

  6. ukip Please don’t let the establishment and their banker friends betray the UK anymore